Pihilip John


Philip John started his guitar journey as a 5 year old in Brisbane, Australia, playing an adult-size acoustic guitar thanks to being blessed with long, hypermobile fingers – a guitarists’ dream.

18 years later, Philip finds himself a citizen of the EU, having drawn on three years’ living in the cities of Amsterdam, Istanbul, Belgrade, Tbilisi and now resident in Berlin since 2022.

Philip’s early musical influences were guided by his radio broadcaster father, Peter Dick, who played Frank Sinatra on high rotation in the home and who valued music as an intrinsic part of being.

Philip’s mother, vocalist Sandra Beynon, a classically-trained pianist, continues to perform professionally in Australia, together with Philip’s step-father, virtuoso guitarist, Sean Mullen, a Berklee graduate, who also mentored Philip as a teenager and introduced him to the work of many great guitarists.

This rich and varied musical background was the cradle of artistic expression for this multi-talented young artist.

Also an amateur philosopher and writer, Philip gives space to his emotions and experiences through his original poems, writings and lyrics for his musical compositions.

With three EP’s under his belt since 2019, Philip continues his journey in the ever-changing world of digital music, as a producer and composer, with his beloved guitar always close by.