The Philip John Trio, consisting of Philip John, Eric Vaughn and Charles Sammons, specialize in  jazz and modern jazz-fusion and improvised acoustic music.

Coming from diverse backgrounds, they bring together a range of musical and cultural influences. Everything from punchy backbeats to Afro-Cuban rhythms, swinging melodies to raw and distorted chords, are skillfully woven together. With a strong foundation in jazz, the trio is comfortable playing a variety of jazz standards, however, the real strength is in their ‘pure improvisations’.

These improvisations – or rather, explorations -begin without any kind of rehearsal or pre-determined structure. Instead, the musicians step boldly into the unknown, relying only on their ears, intuition and embodied experience.

A a truly dynamic audience experience for listeners results. It’s a process of musical unfolding, an ever-evolving flow which mirrors the organic dance of life itself.